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Introduction to using Networked File Storage and Accounts

What is a Network and why do we need it?

Logging on

  • Changing your password manually

Network Accounts and Local Accounts

  • User Profiles
  • Roaming Profiles

File Management

  • Using the My Computer window
  • Icons
  • Creating folders
  • Copying files/folders
  • Moving Files/Folders
  • Deleting unwanted files/folders

The Recycle Bin

  • Restoring Deleted Files from the Recycle Bin
  • Selecting multiple files and folders
  • Renaming files/folders

Using Networked Shared Drives

Sophos Anti Virus Awareness

Access to the Intranet

Searching for Files


Printers and Network Printing

  • Changing the Default Printer
  • Print Queues
  • Pausing and Resuming Print Jobs
  • Cancelling Printing

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