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Printers and Network Printing

You can perform tasks associated with printer administration by accessing the Printers folder. The features available include: installing or removing a printer; pausing and resuming printing; cancelling printing; choosing the default printer; and controlling printer characteristics, such as fonts and paper size.

To access the Printers folder:

  1. Click on the Start button on the Taskbar, point to Settings, and then click on the Printers option. A window similar to the below window is displayed:

  1. Any printer's that have been installed will be shown, plus the option to add (install) a new printer. The default printer (i.e. the printer you normally print to) is shown with a tick against it (in the screen print above the HP LaserJet is the default printer).

Changing the Default Printer

Providing the printer has been installed, you can change the printer you normally print to.

Once the Printer folder is displayed, either:

select the printer you want to set as default then click on the File menu and select the Set as default printer option, OR

Right click on the printer and select the Set as default printer option.

Print Queues

As you send documents to a printer, a ‘print queue’ forms. Print queues list the documents that are printing or waiting to print.

You can pause printing then resume printing or remove any current print jobs.

To display a printer’s print queue:

  1. Click on the Start button, point to Settings, and then click on Printers.

  2. Double click on the icon for the relevant printer. The print queue is displayed.

The print queue displays the following document information:

Document Name
Number of pages
Size of file
Started at what date and time

Pausing and Resuming Print Jobs

If you wish to pause printing, then resume again later:

  1. Once the Print Queue is displayed, click on Printer from the menu, and then Pause Printing.

  2. A tick will appear next to the command.

To resume printing:

  1. Select Printer from the menu, and then Pause Printing again.

  2. The tick next to the command will disappear.

Cancelling Printing

To cancel the printing of a document:

  1. Select the document you want to cancel,

  2. Click on Document from the menu, and then Cancel.

To cancel the printing of all documents on your printer:

  1. Click on the Printer menu

  2. Select Cancel all documents.


Printers and Network Printing

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