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What is a Network


Network Accounts and Local Accounts

Logging on


Every employee who uses the network has an network account. You will need a user name and password to log on to the network. You cannot access any network services unless you login correctly.

Some points to remember when logging on:

  1. At certain times of the year you may be prompted to change your password for security reasons. Remember your password can be made up of a mix of letters and numbers and shouldn't be anything obvious.

  2. Keep your password private

  3. Your username is not case sensitive but your password is

  4. It is important to note that when you log on you will have user rights but not administration rights. This means you will have limited access to areas such as installing software and changing some settings.

You have to check 3 bits of information when logging in:

  • Your User Name This should always be the same

  • Your Password This will have to be changed at least once a month

  • Your Domain You many or may not have to fill this depending on your network setup. Sometimes the domain is already saved so you just type your username and password

Changing your Password Manually 

You will receive warning messages when you login if your password is about to expire, you can decide to leave changing your password until this time. If however you wish to change your password right now, you can do this at any time provided you are logged in correctly to the network.
To do this, press the following keys in sequence holding each key down:
Ctrl + Alt + Del

This will take you to the Windows Security Dialogue Screen. From here you select the appropriate option.
Lock Computer: This allows you to lock your computer screen so only you can access the PC (this can also be set automatically from the screen saver option) To log back in you simple enter your pasword.
NB: An administrator can still unlock the PC
Log Off or Shut Down: From here also if you prefer.
Change Password: Here you are requested to enter your current password before entering a new password, twice to negate typing errors.
Task Manager: Has a variety of functions most useful of which to you would be the option to close down an application that has frozen. This does happen with MS applications sometimes. Closing down the application from here will save you having to restart your machine when just one application has locked up and frozen.


What is a Network

Logging on

Network Accounts and Local Accounts

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