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Using Network Shared Drives


Access to the Intranet

Sophos Anti Virus Awareness

If you use SOPHOS anti-virus software then then this programme may be running in the background automatically when you use a PC. The part of SOPHOS that is always running is called Intercheck Monitor, this actively checks any files that you use on your PC to make sure that they are free from Viruses. You can check the status of intercheck by double clicking the red Z icon on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. (Active programmes on task manager)

This window will be displayed showing you the last item checked.


You do not need to do anything yourself for anti-virus protection, the support staff take care of that. However if you do not see this icon or it is greyed out (not red) then call the help desk at your work place.

Periodically SOPHOS anti virus will automatically update itself over the network. This will vary depending on the amount of new viruses released. You will see a window similar to this:

You do not need to do anything when this happens, the process will complete itself while you continue to work.

Using Network Shared Drives

Sophos Anti Virus Awareness

Access to the Intranet

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