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Searching for Files

You may have forgotten where you saved a particular file, or indeed what you called the file when you saved and named it. In this case you can use the Search feature in Windows to find the file:

  1. Click on the Start button and point to Search

  2. Click on the For Files or Folders option. The following dialogue box will appear:

  1. If you know what you called the file, but do not know exactly where it is stored, type in the name of the file in the Search for files or folders named: box. If you do not know the full name of the file, you can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard, e.g. Training Notes* will search for files/folders which begin with the words “Training Notes”

  2. If you do not know the name of the file, type in a keyword in the Containing Text field. For example, if you know that the file has the phrase “networks” either in the title of the file or in the body text, you would type networks in this field.

  3. Select the drive you wish to search by clicking on the drop down arrow in the Look in field, e.g. if you wish to search the C: drive on your PC select the C: option.

  4. Click on Search Now. Windows will search for all files and folders based on the information you have given it and display the search results on the right hand side of the window. The name of the file will be shown and also the location of the file (in folder column).

  5. If you wish to stop searching click on the Stop Search button.

  6. Once you have located the required file you can open it by double clicking on it.

  7. To search for another filer/folder, click on the New button on the top left of the window.

  8. Another way to display the Search window is to click on the Search button on the Standard buttons toolbar in the My Computer screen.

Access to the Intranet

Searching for Files


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