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The Recycle Bin


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Using Network Shared Drives

To enable you to share work more easily with other staff you have available what are commonly called “shared drives.” These network shares have a variety of names, normally associated with, who can use them and what they are for.

The staff that have access to the folders are responsible for all the file management within that network share. It would be advisable for you to discuss with your particular groups and teams exactly how you want to use your share in terms of file structure and names for folders. If you are not systematic and careful your teams shared drives can become just as messy a filing cabinet full of paper work if that is not managed!

If you are contributing your own work to a shared drive, always keep your own personal copy on your own personal drive. That way if someone else deletes or makes a change in error, you can easily restore the file yourself. It is important that you delegate who is responsible for what areas of the team share, just as you would your paper filing area.

The Recycle Bin

Using Network Shared Drives

Sophos Anti Virus Awareness

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