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Microsoft Outlook allows you to keep copies of your server folders and store them locally on your computer as offline folders. Outlook can automatically update the contents of an offline folder and its corresponding server folder so that they're identical. You can set the system up so that synchronization takes place automatically in the background either while you work or when you close Outlook after an online session. Or you can manually synchronize the folders and then continue to work offline.

When Outlook synchronizes your folders, it copies the changes made in each folder to the other folder, and then disconnects. Any item that's deleted from either the offline folder or the corresponding server folder is deleted from both.
You can synchronize an individual folder or all your offline folders at one time.
You also can update your address book when you synchronize.

To configure settings for quick synchronization groups, address book, forms, and folder home page synchronization, click the Tools menu, point to Synchronize, and then click Offline Folder Settings.

email accounts can also be set to synchronise from the exchange server. This will allow you to access to your emails when not on the network and must be setup. This is useful for lap op users. Below is an overview of these settings:

  • Click on Tools, Options and select Mail Services

  • Ensure Enable Offline Access is ticked

  • Ensure When Online Synchronise on exit is ticked

  • Depending on your preference the option to synchronise every ?? minutes may be left blank

  • Click on Offline Folder Settings, under Options ensure that the option to synchronise forms is NOT selected. (Outlook hangs when trying to synchronise forms even though you may have no forms to synchronise!)

Click OK to confirm these settings

Searching for Files


Printers and Network Printing

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