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Opening Word Documents

Entering the Text and Moving the Cursor

Saving Documents

When you open a new document you will see a flashing vertical bar. This is called the cursor. The position of the cursor is where text you enter will appear.
Once youve entered some text, you may need to move to different parts of the document to make changes, correct mistakes or add new words. You will need to move the cursor to where you want to make the changes.
You can move the cursor by using the techniques below:


Using the keyboard
<Enter> will move the cursor onto the line below, creating a new blank line.
The <Arrow> Keys will move the cursor in any direction except below the last line of typing
<Home> takes you to the start of the line
<End> takes you to the end of the line
<Page Up> or <Page Down> will move through large blocks of text in long documents. You can also use the scroll bars for the same purpose.

Using the Mouse
You can use the mouse to move the cursor (as long as where you want the cursor to be is above the last line of typing). Do this by clicking the left-hand mouse button where you want the cursor to be.

How to Delete Text
 If you need to make a deletion within the document use one of the methods above to position the cursor either:
After the mistake. Then press the backspace key (long key with Backspace written on it)
Just before the mistake. Then press the delete key.

If you find when you enter text, the text next to the original mistake disappears and is replaced by the text you are entering, you are in the overtype mode. Press the <insert> key on the keyboard. Pressing the <Insert> key will return to inserting text between letters.

If you delete something in error, click the undo    button on the standard toolbar to undo the most recent action

Opening Word Documents

Entering the Text and Moving the Cursor

Saving Documents

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