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Entering the Text and Moving the Cursor

Saving Documents

Moving and Copying Text

Saving a Word Document

Until you save your file your data is not stored. It is therefore important to save your word documents.

  1. Go to File on the menu bar

  2. Click on Save As, this opens the Save As dialogue box.


  1. Select the drop-down arrow next to the Save In text box and select the directory that you want to
    to save your document into.
    You can save in either your personal folder such as your c:drive, your team directory, group directory or a floppy disk. (If you want to save the document to a floppy disk, select the A directory.)

  1. In the File Name text box, type the name of the file you want to save. (Do not use spaces or

  2. Click Save or press <Enter>. The file name appears in the title bar of the word document.

  3. When using a template do not click on Save. Use the Save As option and save to another
    location or save with another name.

Whilst working on a document you should save it at regular intervals. If you have saved your document already (it will have the File Name in the title bar of the file), click on the Save button on the toolbar at regular intervals to save the updated document.

If you type a name that already exists. Word asks Do you want to replace the existing file?. If you do not want to replace that file, click on Cancel and then type a new name.

Entering the Text and Moving the Cursor

Saving Documents

Moving and Copying Text

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