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Welcome to AllOfWeb FREE Tutorials

This website has been designed by Farida Khilawala webmaster and creator of, to help those who wish to learn or improve their computer skills. Allofweb is exactly what the name implies: A website full of diverse tutorials such as "how to create a website", Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access and FrontPage and more. This website covers some of the most progressive features of today's latest computer technology and aims to help you as the learner discover what these are in addition to help you expand your use of the many technology tools available for learning. I invite you to use our free tutorials and find out how you can create your own website. We do our best to explain how everything works from registering a domain name to marketing your website giving you all of the information step by step.

Please see our table of contents below. This gives you a brief outline of the topics discussed in this website and helps you find your way around.


how to create your own WebsiteHow to create your own Website - Weather you’re a beginner, novice or experienced designer, we explain all the essentials of website creation and building a successful site for your personal or commercial website and we guide you in the right direction. This tutorial gives you a complete and thorough understanding of the web and how it works and will walk you through all the steps to create your own website – explaining exactly what to do from registering a domain name to marketing your website.

Introduction to using Networked File Storage and AccountsIntroduction to using Networked File Storage and Accounts - If you link 2 or more computers together you have a network. This tutorial explains how to manage and store files efficiently and share information with others easily.

Microsoft Outlook 2000Microsoft Outlook 2000 - This tutorial is fantastic. It tells you everything about emails from opening a received mail to creating and sending a new mail message. The tutorial also includes how to use the calendar, create contacts, tasks and how to use public folders.

Microsoft Word 2000Microsoft Word 2000 - This tutorial is for everyone wanting to learn how to use the Microsoft Word 2000 application. This tutorial provides the help you need to get started including basic use of MS Word, opening and saving documents using Microsoft Word and lots more.

Microsoft Word 2000 The Internet - This tutorial provides you with a general overview of web pages and gives you an explanation of the appearance of a web page in general including web page address and the standard toolbar buttons. Also, have you ever wondered what is the easiest and most useful option when it comes to looking for information on the web? The topics included in our "finding information on the web" tutorial include how to search using the search engines, tips on searching and a brief explanation about using hyperlinks.



More tutorials will be added in future so please keep checking back. Goodluck!

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