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Finding Information on the Web

The Internet: Web Pages

To launch the Internet, double-click on the Internet icon on the desktop

When you launch the Internet you will see the opening Web Page known as the ‘home page’. So if you for example made AllOfWeb your homepage, the website page for this site is the one below and you will return to this page whenever you click the Home button on the standard toolbar.

Web Page Address

If you know the web address you want to look at, enter it in the Web Page Address. (If you do not know the web address and need to search using key words, please see tutorial “Finding Information on the Web” - next tutorial.
Every page on the Internet has a web address e.g.
www. denotes the wide world web; allofweb is the company/website name; com shows the type of domain extention. The company/website name and type of domain extention together are called the domain name

Standard Toolbar Buttons (use single clicks):

Back takes you back to the web page you were looking at.


Forward takes you forward to the web page you came from.


Stop Stops the page from loading. Useful if you have entered searched for the wrong website. Clicking stop simply prevents the site from loading.


Refresh this reloads the current web page again. If the page you are trying to view appears to have frozen clicking on refresh can sometimes fix it


Home takes you back to your Home page.


Search this takes you to a list of search engines, which can help you find what you are looking for on the Web. See tutorial “Finding Information on the Web”.


Favorites these are like bookmarks and provide shortcuts to your favourite sites


History shows you sites you have visited


Mail allows you to send an email containing the current webpage


Print lets you print out the webpage you are looking at





The Internet Menu

The Interent: Web Pages

Finding Information on the Web

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