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Public Folders

What is Public Folders?

If your new to Outlook and have never used or even heard of Public Folders before, then at first it can seen a bit daunting. Public Folders can be really handy and a useful feature to have. This feature makes it possible to organise and share information with others in your work place.

How to Access Public Folders

Public Folders can be seen listed inside your 'Folder List'. It can contains any type of folder and/or files and be used by multiple users at the same time.

Creating Shortcuts and saving to them the Outlook Bar

Remember in the 'email' tutorial we discussed the Outlook Bar and how to add a favourite topic from pubic folders to the outlook shortcuts? Firstly select public folders, all public folders then right click on the folder or file you wish to add and select the option to 'add to outlook bar'. The next time you need to look at this folder you will be able to select it quickly from your outlook bar instead of tracing through the folders.


Public Folders

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