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How to make money from your website


Do I need to learn HTML to build my own website?

Marketing effectively on the net is FREE

That right! Marketing your website effectively on the internet is FREE. The sad part about this is that people out there don't realise this and so it tends to be ignored.

Four ways to market your website effectively without paying a penny

Ok, you are at the stage where you have finished designing your website and you now have launched your website live on the web. You next plan is to market your website to achieve its popularity and recognition and get more visitors to see and come to your site. At the first point of launching your website you won't appear in Google or any other search engines until you have physically listed your site in other words you have submitted your url. Search engines is only the effective form of marketing there are also directories and webrings and these are all ways of planning to get visitors to your website without the need to spend any money.  The other things to remember is that these things take time. So supposing you submit your url in Google today don't expect it to appear the next day as it takes time and sometimes up to 2-3 months to be listed. Similarly with directories. I have found in my experience webrings to be the most effective method of marketing and getting free traffic to your website. With a webring membership you can easily generate more traffic to your website and the best part is that it helps increase your search engine page ranking. To find out more how to become a member visit

There are many strategies and resource out there that can be used to market your site.

Search Engine

Submitting your website is easy and there are ways in which to do it. Firstly the three most common search engines are Google, Yahoo and Msn. So it's important you get your site listed in these 3 search engines. How do you do that? well you can either go directly to that website such as and submit your URL. Alternatively, you may have a hosting Cpanel which is a administrative tool for your own personal use and one of the tools available is "search engine submit". Usually they will have approx 6 search engines to submit to and you will be given the option to choose which engines you wish to submit to and you will need to fill other details also such as the URL of your website, email address and so on. Once your site is listed you will start receiving thousands of visitors from search engines alone.

Before you submit your URL's to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and directories such as dmoz, yahoo and so on, you must ensure that your site is search engine optimized. This basically means that your web pages should be set up in a way that is search engine friendly. Ideally you should try to make the home page as user friendly as possible however in saying that it is also good practice and the most sensible thing to have all your web pages search engine optimised. Examples are things like inserting a page title and description on each of all the web pages on your site. why? because search engines like Google for example use this information to list your site with a effective and meaningful description of what your site is about. Mostly this is taken from the home page of your website.

Search engine submission is FREE. I suggest you submit your site to the following places...

Submit to Google by going to

Submit to Dmoz Open Directory Project by going to

Submit to MSN

Yahoo Free URL Submission

Traffic Network

Internet success comes down to one thing...TRAFFIC. The more traffic you get the more potential customers/visitors you will get. Most of the traffic networks you can join are for FREE. You then earn traffic every time by either visiting other sites via the network, or by referring new members. This is one of the easy ways to advertise and market your website.

Although this may not be the answer it can help. There are a number of traffic networks available for example traffic swarm the number one traffic exchange network and many others. I believe the quality of traffic from Traffic swarm could be advanced than most other networks for one reason and that is that members are able to select what they want to read rather than being forced to read something they are not interested in.

Links and Link Exchange

Having links that point to your website is the most effective form of marketing. It not only refers visitors to your website but it also increase the chance of you getting a better page rank. A page rank is Google measure of the importance of that page and it determines how high in Google your page is listed. Everyone wants to be listed in the first page of Google but that can take time and effort in reaching that goal. The thing to remember is that the more sites that contain a link to your site will increase your chances of a better page rank as a page rank is determined by how popular a site is in terms of the places that it is listed in and how many visitors it attracts.

There are a number of ways to get those other sites link to your site. One of my favourites is Webrings mentioned earlier. This is fantastic in the sense that it not only drives more visitors to your site but its FREE and extremely effective. The great thing about this too is that even if your site isn't listed in any of the search engines yet, by submitting your site in webrings you are guaranteed to be listed more faster than if you don't submit to any webrings and similarly it will help you to achieve a higher page rank.

What most webmasters tend to do is search the net and then either email related sites asking for a link swap or actually visiting the site and doing what's called a link exchange. A link exchange is far better than email as you can be assured that the related site can offer a link exchange program. Not all website do. It's fairly simply. All you do is submit your URL to increase your links popularity the same way you would do in directories. Exchanging links with other sites is the most effective means of advertising for FREE. Basically the more links you have to your site, the more traffic you will have and it will help you to achieve higher rankings in the major search engines and directories. The way link exchange works is that the site you submit to will place your website link on their site and you will need to provide a link back to their site on your website.

Some sites will only accept your submission depending on the criteria listing for that site. So for example if the site you are submitting to is about computers and internet then your site that you are submitting may need to related to computers/internet otherwise it may be rejected. So always read the conditions first before exchanging links or you could end up wasting your time.

Important!!...Watch out for those link farms. Link farms are basically sites that contain hundreds of links to other websites alone and have no other information related to their own site. Submitting to these sites are a risk because they are not search engine friendly. So be careful whom you exchange links with.

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How to make money from your website

Marketing effectively on the net is FREE

Do I need to learn HTML to build my own website?

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