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What is Web Hosting?


Do I need to learn HTML to build my own website?

It is nice and sometimes useful to have a basic understanding of what html looks like and how the tags work. The most popular technique used nowadays by many people to build WebPages is to use HTML editors. HTML editors is basically a software that simplifies the creation of web pages that are designed using HTML and allows convenience and functionality such as templates already created like feedback forms, spreadsheets and charts, photo gallery and much more. Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver are prime examples of HTML editors. Both these applications enable you to create effective web pages for your site as though you are creating a fancy presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft FrontPage tends to be the popular program used mainly because its easy to use and it's simple as entering headings, paragraphs, bullet points and inserting images as you would do in a word document.

HTML editors  programs are prefect for everyone starting out a new website  and even for those who want to have their website up and running quickly without having to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Having an understanding of html code is useful if you say want to enhance your web pages or inset better functionality. I guess its ways of describing sites being brought to life using HTML codes, regardless of what html editor is used. The way that HTML editors work is easy. You basically design your site the way you want it to look and the program simply creates the HTML codes in the background as you assemble your WebPages. You can then see that code and edit it if you need to.

There are many advantages to using these programs and one is that its makes learning how to create a web site fun and easy enough for anyone to learn. However, most programs don't give you complete control over webpage design (i.e., exactly the way you want the page to look). There are design limitations such as the code that is written for you may not always be user friendly and not neat and clear. Some editors will add their own tags that you might not want as they write in in their own style. For example supposing you want to add some JavaScript to your site then this may be difficult since they write their own own code and so you cant understand it or modify it. This is why having a basic understanding of html will help so you can see the code yourself and try to insert code yourself or modify. 

Another example, is you may want to place headings, sub headings or even a navigation menu in a particular arrangement or format but no matter how many times you try the program wont allow you to do that and of course that can become frustrating and annoying. These few examples are a big disadvantage of html editor software if you aspire a more custom look and feel to your WebPages.

As mentioned, having a general knowledge and understanding of HTML, can help you to overcome these design underperformance in editor programs like FrontPage and its easy to learn believe me. Speaking from experience you can learn html in a day. Just get on the internet and search in Google or other search engines for html tutorials. Alternatively take a look at the html tutorials on this site. It's a good learning curve and once you have the knowledge you can understand how html works and why. Plus you can customise your pages to meet your needs and likes. Their are many Free Html tutorial available on the internet that are extremely easy to learn and fun. All you need to do is to use effective keywords in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN like "HTML made easy" HTML Tutorials" "Free Html Tutorials" and so on.

If you understand HTML code and the language, then you will be aware of why WebPages appear the way they do in a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The moment you change or add new content for example, you will see the effect it has on the appearance of your site. Take for instance a table. You can do so much to a table to enhance its size and shape or you may just want to add colour to a block inside that table.

HTML editors will allow you to view the code and give you the freedom to change it and do what ever you like. It could be for example that you want to insert some JavaScript to your page that may be required say if your want to add effects to your page such as background effects or JavaScript button effects that can be used on your page. There are also free JavaScript resources on the net that allow you to "copy" and "paste" JavaScript examples for your WebPages all for free!

So the question is - do you need to learn html to build your own website? The answer - yes and no.

It is understandable to design a website using FrontPage editor or Dreamweaver regardless of your knowledge to build a website as it speeds up the design process. You do need to ask yourself what the purpose of this site is - is it a personal site or a commercial site and do you want to make revenue from it. If you want to refine your pages and make them more practical or perhaps add extra effects and you simply want your WebPages made exactly to your requirements, then yes, learning html is a good idea and as mentioned learning html is fun and easy and it doesn't take very long, usually you can learn the language in less than 2 days.

Have fun and Good Luck!



Marketing effectively on the net is free

Do I need to learn HTML to build my own website?

What is Web Hosting?

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