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Marketing effectively on the net is free

How to make Money from your Website

Trying to make money from your website can be pretty overwhelming. Well it was for us anyway! A good piece of advice is to start of slowing and gradually work you way up. Try to at least spend an hour a day adding content to your site as this will help in terms of building the website to gain a higher page rank. 

4 steps to making money on your website

  1. Consider and evaluate your own site:

what does your site promote and how can you use what you display to the audience as a method of earning revenue from your site and how this be achieved and be made a success. Well there are many options to see here. Firstly ask yourself the question are you ready to make money? In order to be ready you must ensure that all your content is in place and most importantly there should be no broken links otherwise Google wont rank your pages properly which means your site will be harder to find in the some of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Msn. Consider who would be using your site, what sort of people are you most likely to attract and what would they be looking for on your site. What would they be interested in seeing from an affiliate program or what might they respond to in an ad. Try to imagine from your own perspective what it is you would want from a site generating the same content as yourself.

  1. Finding the right ads and affiliates suitable for your website

It's important to learn about the different types of affiliates and advertisements out there. Be careful however as not all programs are legitimate. Google Ads are probably the best and most common form of advertising and earning revenue at the same time. These type of ads are known as Google Adsense and primarily used to place Google ads on your website content pages and earn money at the same time simply by users clicking onto them and because the ads are related to what viewers at looking for on your site there is more chance of those ads being clicked. Google adsense not only provides ads but they also provide you with a search box which you can place anywhere on your site that's capable of performing a site search and/or Google search. This again is a effective way to earn money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages. As for affiliates firstly find an affiliate suitable for the content in your website. Go to commission junction (CJ) and click bank and many other places where they have affiliates and put these on your site.

  1. Adding Affiliates and ads to your site

Adding ads and/or affiliates is pretty much a straight forward process. Usually in the case of ads, all your requires to do is to insert the generated code by simply copying and pasting into any any web page which complies with Google's policies.

As for affiliates each affiliate company differs from from each other. Once you have  selected and subscribed to the affiliate you will be required to place the code on your website. there are many different ways in which affiliates pay you. You get paid based on sale, lead, referral and based on impressions.

  1. Monitoring the Performance

Check the performance of your site and make changes if required and keep adding new content. There are many ways in which to check the performance of your site. A few examples are 1 check the web stats which can be accessed via your hosting cpanel, check the affiliates statistics report, check Google adsense report and discover your sites full revenue potential.

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Website Articles Menu

How to make Money from your Website

Marketing effectively on the net is free

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