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Microsoft Word 200 Menu

Getting Started

Choosing Commands Using the Shortcut Menu

Opening Microsoft Word

  1. Click on the Start bottoms and then trace to programs.

  2. On the Menu move to Microsoft Office and then trace to Microsoft Word.

  3. Upon opening word you will be presented with the Microsoft Office Word Document as shown below.


Screen Layout and Navigation

Description of Each Screen Element

Screen Element Description
Title Bar
The title bar is the dark blue bar situated at the top of the screen. Unless the document has been saved then this should read “Document 1 – Microsoft Word” and is used to identify the current application and each document that is open.
Formatting Toolbar The formatting toolbars situated below the title bar and provides quick and easy access to commonly used formatting options such as applying bold and underline.
Ruler The ruler is used to set, edit, remove or indicate tabs, margins and paragraphs in a document.
Standard Toolbar The standard toolbar is situated below the formatting toolbar and contains buttons such as copy, paste, print etc.
Menu Bar The menu bar is a standard setting in word and should be visible at all times. As shown in the diagram above the menu bar comprises of several titled menus for example File, Edit etc…
To view all options in each menu, you must click onto the title of the menu you want to look at firstly. This will provide you with a list of options available. In most instances you may need to double click the arrows at the bottom of the menu.
Cursor The cursor will always flash on the screen. This will prompt you to start typing and is where the text you have typed will be displayed on screen.
View Buttons The view buttons are situated in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. They are used to change the way a document is displayed. The most common is the ‘Print layout view’
Drawing Toolbar The drawing toolbar is displayed below the view buttons and allows drawing objects and shapes such as Rectangles, Oval, Word Art and Clip Art to be used on the document.
Status Bar The status bar displays information about the current document such as the page numbers.
Previous/Next Page Buttons These buttons can be used as an alternative to using the scroll bars and is used to navigate through the document.

Microsoft Word 200 Menu

Getting Started

Choosing Commands Using the Shortcut Menu

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