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The Internet: Web Pages


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Finding Information on the Web

A major role for the Internet is to provide information. The Internet contains loads of pages, so how do you find what you are looking for?

If you know the specific Web address for the site you want to find, type the web address into the address box (you do not need to type http://, just start with www.), press <enter>. Your chosen web page should appear. (If there is already a web address in the address box delete it by highlighting it and pressing the delete button on the keyboard.)

Search Engines
If you don’t know the exact address you will need the help of a search engine.   
Click on the search button on the standard toolbar, a screen will appear on the left-hand side.  You can enter keywords for your search into the search box. 

You can also go straight to the search engine web page by entering the web address in the address box.  Some popular search engines include,,

How to search

To search, enter one or more keywords into the search box. Press <Enter>. The search engine will come up with a list of links to pages that contain at least one of your keywords.
(A dialog box “Internet Explorer” may appear, if it does, click on YES)

Using the scroll bars and buttons, work down through the list of web sites provided and clicking on any of interest. Click on the Back button on the standard toolbar to return to the list.


* If you know an exact phrase, put it in quotes e.g. “hosting and domain registration”
* Use AND & OR in your search, e.g Hosting AND Domain. Using AND will find sites that must contain all the keywords; using OR will find sites that contain either keyword
* To make sure a word is included in your search, put a plus sign (+) before the keyword (leave no spaces) e.g +hosting
* Avoid using capital letters unless looking for proper names. When you use lowercase text, the search finds both uppercase and lowercase results. If you used uppercase text, the search only finds uppercase results
* Use wildcards by typing an asterisk (*) at the end of a keyword, you can search for multiple forms of the word. E.g. host*, to find host, hosting.

Using Hyperlinks

When you visit a website there will probably be links to other sites (known as hyperlinks). As you move the mouse pointer over a web page, the links will change from the normal cursor arrow to a hand. Whenever the hand appears, it means the text or image on which it is resting is a hyperlink. Hyperlink text is often blue and underlined.
If a hyperlink takes you to a page of no interest, return to the original page by clicking the Back button on the standard button.



The Internet: Web Pages

Finding Information on the Web

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