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Microsoft Outlook 2000 Menu




Logging On

Select the ‘Outlook’ icon. Enter your user name in User Name, The Domain Name and the password in Password.

Outlook Views

Select 'View’ from the toolbar to change views in Outlook


Outlook Shortcuts - This bar may be switched off when not in use. To add a favourite topic from pubic folders to the outlook shortcuts, firstly select public folders, all public folders then right click on the folder or file you wish to add and select the option to 'add to outlook bar'. The next time you need to look at this folder you will be able to select it quickly from your outlook bar instead of tracing through the folders.

Folder list - The folder lit enables you to switch between the different function in outlook, e.g. inbox, deleted items, calendar. If this list does not appear it can be selected from 'view' on the toolbar.

Preview Screen - This can be selected from 'view' and enables you to see the content of an email without opening the email.

Toolbars - Select 'toolbars' from 'view' and tick Standard and Formatting if these are not selected.

Opening Received Mail

Unread mail will be shown in bold. To open double left-click. Close the email by selecting the x button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Emails and attachments may be saved to your directory (discussed later in this tutorial).

Viewing and Saving Attachments

Double-click on attachment to open. If you wish to save attachment to your directory from the menu bar select File, ‘Save As’ and select the drive you wish to save to, e.g. C:/ drive. Rename file if necessary and select Save’

Replying to a Mail Message

To reply to a mail message, select ‘Reply’ icon. To reply and copy the reply to all recipients of original email, select ‘Reply to All’ icon.

Forwarding a Mail Message

To forward message (and attachments) to new recipient, select Forward’ icon.

Creating and Sending a New Mail Message (with message options)

  • Select File, New Mail Message (or click on the New Message button

  • Click on the To box to enter the recipient(s) name. The Select Names box will appear. In the Type Name or Select from List box, type the first few letters of the surname of the person you want to send the email to. Select the persons name from the list, click on The To box. Click on OK. If you want to forward the email to more than one person, repeat this step. The name(s) will default into the To box of your email.

  • Enter the subject of your email in the subject box

  • Type your message, Click on the Send button

Before you your message you may wish to select 'Options’ from the menu bar.

From this screen you can select Message Settings, Voting and Tracking and Delivery Options.

Exercise 1
Create a new mail message - addressed to either your personal or work email address. Enter 'Holiday Choice' in the Subject field. Type a short message in the main body of the email.

Select Options from the toolbar. Select boxes from Message Settings so that your email is sent ‘low’ importance’, and ‘confidential’. Select boxes from Voting and Tracking - use Voting Buttons and type Spain;Italy;France; in the Voting Buttons field. Select the box to track that your email has been delivered. From Delivery Options enter that replies should be sent to the email address of the pc that you are currently using.

Close Options. Send email.

Attaching documents

How to attach a saved document to an email:

  1. Create a new message, by selecting File, New, Mail Message (or click on the New Message button)

  2. Complete the To, Subject box as usual. Enter any message required in the message space.

  3. To attach a document, click on Insert, select File (or click on the menu bar). The Insert File box will appear.

  4. Select the file that you want to attach by clicking on it (you may need to click on the drop down arrow next to the Look in box to select the directory that the file is in).

  5. Click on the OK button.

Exercise 2
Create a new email message addressed to someone such a friend or family member and add attachment.

Message recall

You may be able to recall a message sent in error before it has been read. With the message open from the menu bar select ‘Actions’ and Recall this message’. You make want to check the box that will inform you whether the recall has been successful.

Exercise 3
Send a message to a friend or family member and try and recall the message sent. Don't forget to check to see if the recall was successful.

Deleting Messages

Select message to be deleted by clicking on it. From the menu bar select Edit, Delete. Alternatively select the delete icon.
Try to keep the number of emails in your Inbox, Sent Items and Delete box low so it's easier to manage. Deleted files will be stored in 'Delete Items’ until you delete them from this folder.

Out of Office Assistant

From the Tools menu select ‘Out of Office Assistant’. Click in the ‘I am currently out of the office’ box. Add short message saying when you expect to return. When you return to the office select Out of Office Assistant’ and click on the ‘back in office’ box. There is also an option to apply ‘a rule’. For example, you could select an option so that any messages from Robert Smith would be forwarded to your assistant while you are away from the office.

Creating a New Folder

Right-click on ‘Inbox’. Select New folder’. Name folder. Right click on a message and ‘drag and drop’ the message into new folder. You can select ‘move’ or ‘copy’ to new folder. You should select ‘move’ as to ‘copy’ would double the size of your Inbox.


Help Menu and Office Assistant. (Turn off Office Assistant [Options] to access

Microsoft Outlook 2000 Menu



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