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A list of Contacts may be created and stored in Outlook. These can be sorted in different ways – alphabetically, by category, by company, by location etc. For the purpose of this exercise we will sort by Category – this will enable an email to be sent to everyone in the group, avoiding the user typing in each email address every time they want to email the group. If it is a large group that includes external email addresses it may be worth sending out a test email, asking the group to acknowledge receipt. If typing errors are made in an external email address, e.g. instead of, you will not be notified of the error. The system only recognises the correct format.

Creating a Contacts Lists

  1. From your Outlook screen select ‘Contacts’

  2. Select View – Current View – By Category

  3. Select ‘New Contact’

The New Contact screen will appear. You may complete as much information as you wish, e.g. Name, Address, Telephone Number, Mobile Number etc.
For this exercise we will complete the minimum information that we require for a contact list.

In the ‘General’ tab complete the Name and the email address fields. The ‘File As’ field will be completed automatically.


Next select the Categories tab.

A new screen will appear. You may select from the list and click OK or add your own category by selecting Master Category list and adding the new category.

In the box labeled, 'Item(s) belong to these categories' Type in the new Category (e.g. I.T.) Select 'Add to List' and click OK.

This will return you to the previous 'categories' screen. Select I.T. and OK.

This will return you to the 'Contact' screen. Select Save and Close.

This will take you back to the main contacts screen and your new contact will be listed.

Emailing a Group of Contacts or a Single Contact

To email a group of contacts or a single contact select either a group name or single name. Then select the ‘new message to contact’ icon.

The names will automatically appear in a new email message.




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